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A Remembrance Celebration/Happy Easter


Upon arriving at the Beach, early Easter morning, it is dark and chilly with a half-moon still hanging in the sky. The deep sand feels cold on my feet as I walk toward the ocean at low tide. Sand bars and rippled, murky tide pools fill the vast shoreline with a mixture of quietness and rolling gentle waves, setting the stage for the upcoming event of dawn! I wait for the Sun to rise and display it’s essence of life and light.

In the distant horizon, I see a small dash of pink peeking out at me. I am feeling like a child; simple, small and excited! The curtain opens and the sky begins to evolve into a living canvas as the Heavenly Father expresses His magnificence to one of His simple children.

Many feathered friends begin to arrive and get caught up in the excitement! These myriad of birds, from the largest to the smallest, trust their natural instincts which direct each of them in various activities. They make quite a loud hullabaloo, but something about their chirping, squeaking and tweeting is serene. The birds invite hearts to join with them in united praise and worship, in celebrating Jesus Christ, the risen Lord!

The colors of gold, pink, blue, purple and white intensify as the light spreads and produces a masterpiece across the heavens. As I marvel at this breathtaking scene I realize the murky tide pool at my feet is being transformed, by the light, into a body of water full of beauty and light.  I stand in awe at this spectacular presentation! On this Easter Sunday morning, I remember the risen Savior’s words, “I have come that you might have life and that you might experience the abundance of Life”.  Suddenly, my heart understands God’s great desire to transform His children’s lives through union with the light that the risen Savoir, our Lord Jesus Christ brings. As the Holy Spirit does a work in each heart, a transforming process will take place that will produce a masterpiece, a beautiful Oneness, and an enduring likeness with the risen Christ.

As God speaks through nature to me, I am truly grateful!  I turn and walk away, humbled and inspired. I believe God raised His Son from the tomb, and He is alive for evermore, so we can experience His Life, Love, and Light on earth, and everlasting life throughout al eternity! Happy Easter!

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