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Anxiety and the Heart

Anxiety in our heart can manifest itself in our lives in different ways. We may have feelings of worry, nervousness or agitation about something that could possibly happen.  Or our anxiety may be an obsessive focus or concern that just troubles us, and we just can’t seem to put it down.  For whatever reason, we become overwhelmed; the results will be a heavy and burdened heart, which will negatively affect every area of our lives.

So, if anxiety weighs down the heart what lifts it up?  The Logos says that an encouraging word lifts up the heart and soul!  Sometimes encouraging words seem hard to find in this world, yet our Lord Yahweh has plenty of empowering, encouraging promises for us. We need only take the time to seek them out in His Holy Scripture, hold on to them, and believe them.  God also uses people -He can use anybody that’s available to humbly listen to the Spirt, and subsequently speak positive, encouraging words filled with mercy and grace.

It is God’s will to uplift our heavy hearts and make them glad, as He sends encouraging words into our lives. When we begin to focus on His loving grace and His ability to help us, we will gradually experience a change in our hearts for the better. Anxious fear will pull us down, but a life-giving word of encouragement can do wonders to restore joy to the heart.

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