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truly blessed

When we hear the word blessed, most think of material increase or a carefree life without major problems. Yet, just because people have plenty of material goods or seemingly not much struggle; life can become just commonplace existence, with no real passion or positive emotional energy to keep stepping forward…. not blessed. Jesus offers so much more to those who call on His name when He proclaims, “Blessed are you”. True blessing is when we know experientially that Jesus has forgiven all our sins… the gift of the Holy Spirit has been given to us personally to live within our hearts….and the Lord longs to be personally involved in our daily lives. This living, powerful relationship with the Christ w continues to grow within our spirit and will cultivate a seed of peace in our hearts that surpasses human understanding or reasoning. Jesus gives His children spiritual ears to hear and spiritual eyes to experience His favor and grace- He is on our side- He is for us not against us- He has defeated the enemy and gives us authority in the Mighty Name of Jesus to push out the deceits and lies Satan uses to defeat our souls! Because of Christ’s beautiful mercy and grace, the Holy Spirit is able to work the blessings of humility, meekness, mercy, purity, and peace into our hearts and minds, while we step forward on our earthly, spiritual journey. These are true, priceless, powerful blessings that will enable us to remain stable and fixed- allowing us to spiritually evolve into His likeness. He desires to lift us above the chaos, confusion, and outward situations that fill our planet, and give us a life filled with the joy of the Lord, overcoming passion, purpose, satisfaction, and contentment that circumstances cannot give or take away. Jesus also tells us that this state of blessedness is to be envied and desired. To be spiritually blessed and favored by God is a supernatural miracle that He desires to manifest in and through the lives of all His children.


“Blessed [happy, to be envied, and spiritually prosperous-with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of their outward conditions] are the poor in spirit. Blessed are the meek. Blessed are the merciful. Blessed are the pure in heart. Blessed are the makers and maintainers of peace” (Matthew 5: 3a,5a,7a,8a,9a).


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