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Discovering Our True Identity


We come into this world seeking after our true identity, and longing to be loved. If our parents of origin were full of God’s grace, and showed us forgiveness, and unconditional love, it will be easier for us to give and receive love, acceptance, and forgiveness to ourselves and others, no matter what failures or successes come into our lives. Then this gracious unconditional love our parents showed us will point us towards the gracious goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we will discover the power and mystery of our true identity in Him.  The Father loved each of us, even before we came into this world, and desires to gift us with forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, and grace through our Savoir, the Lord Jesus Christ.

If we were born into a family, who did not know about the beauty of God’s pure love, and we were falsely judged, blamed, torn down and ill-treated, we will identify with not being good enough, feeling condemned, guilty, and stunted in our ability to step forward and accept our true identity through Christ’s love. We get stuck in believing all the negatives about ourselves, instead of discovering the truth of our identity with Jesus.

Yet Psalm 27 teaches us that even when our mother and father forsake and reject us, “the Lord will take us up”. And in Romans 8 we are told that through Jesus Christ ,” we have received the spirit of adoption, thereby we call Him Abba, Father, Papa.” So when we come by faith into a relationship with the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ, we are adopted, forgiven, and unconditionally love. Then with the help of the Holy Spirit and the Word, we begin to be transformed into Oneness and our Heavenly Father’s likeness, as we begin to gradually understand our true identity.

In John 13:23, the disciple John describes himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” John truly saw himself as one that Jesus loved. You could also say this about yourself, “I am the disciple whom Jesus loves!” Every believer can echo John’s description of himself, as those words must become the true definition of our identity.

As we discover the loving dynamics of a growing relationship with Jesus- the love we have for Him, and the love He has for us will unlock mysteries. As we love Jesus, our hearts are unlocked to see more of his beauty and glory. When we stop defining ourselves by the condemning things others have said, or by our failures, but rather we begin to identify ourselves, as the one whom Jesus loves, then our hearts will believe and open to His breathtaking healing and the discovery of the wonder of the Son of God; Jesus is the Lamb of God- the Good Shepherd- the Kind Forgiver- the Tender Healer- the Compassionate Intercessor-and the Great I Am. Who can resist this man when he tugs on your heart to come to Him, and discover who you were created to be?

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