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Dove’s Eyes

“Behold, you are beautiful, my love! Behold, you are beautiful! You have doves’ eyes” (Song of Solomon 1:15).

Most of us are very busy and easily pulled in many directions. When we are habitually distracted by our worries, and the cares of this world it can be hard to slow down and focus on the things that really matter and will have lasting,, positive spiritual impact on ourselves and others. When we get gradually caught up, by the “cares of this world”, it will be a challenge to stay spiritually focused and move forward, with purpose and peace, towards our God ordained destiny.

The Lord knows we need His help, grace, and direction, to stay grounded in our walk while living in this world. So He gives us spiritual instruction and Truth, through the Logos – the powerful, living, written Word of God

. The Song of Solomon is an allegory of the love relationship between God and His people. Throughout the song, Solomon (who represents God) expresses many of the pleasing qualities of his Sulammite partner (who represents God’s people). In particular, one of these agreeable traits is her possession of “doves’ eyes.” So, what characteristic does the Lord find so pleasing and lovely in “doves eyes”?

A dove has a single-purposed eye that can only gaze at one solitary object at a time. As our eyes become single-purposed, we will learn to stay focused on Jesus through all of life’s ups and downs. Once we make the choice to stop running away from Jesus – running to Him instead- we will find relief and spiritual rest.

To grow spiritually, we must have a single eye towards our loving Lord- time to gaze upon His Truth- time to release the negatives in our hearts-time to allow the Holy Spirit to fill us up again-time to find rest and peace in His loving arms-time to abide as one heart with Him. Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith, wants to help, not hinder us from keeping our eyes on Him. Subsequently, when we have needs, we will experientially learn to run to the lover of our souls’ and keep our eyes’ on Him. Through the ups and downs in life- leaning, relying and trusting in His power, grace, and purposes; We will eventually step forward and grow into spiritual beings grounded by the faith, hope, and love that has grown in our hearts and minds.

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