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Encourage One Another

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“Therefore encourage [admonish exhort] one another and edify [strengthen and build up] one another just as you are doing” (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

Whether walking through a difficult time or just feeling no passion or purpose in the ashes of mediocrity, we all need encouragement. Yet often, when someone needs understanding or an encouraging word, believers tear down one another, judge one another, and put their opinions on one another. On the contrary, God tells us to encourage one another, inspire one another, cheer on one another, and reassure one another, that His love will see us through our spiritual fatigue to a better place! It is hard to grasp God will work things out for our good when we don’t “feel” it, nevertheless it is the truth. We all have our individual experiences of God helping us through hard times. These personal testimonies of struggle, faith, and victory bring encouragement, and hope to others that find themselves in similar situations. In fact, those who have experienced struggle and overcome by God’s grace are the ones we listen to the most, because their lives give evidence of living faith. Therefore, to counteract spiritual exhaustion, let’s encourage and build up one another with words and personal testimonies of God’s faithfulness to all His sheep through trying times.






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