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Feeling Defeated by Anger or Hurt?


Anger and Hurt are like a hand and glove, and generally speaking these emotions are layered in our hearts when we have experienced some type of loss. In essence they are caused by the same things, but expressed in two different behaviors. Yet anger is an emotion that most of us finds uncomfortable to experience, so we attempt to deny or push down its negative and persistent presence. There are others who feel comfortable or familiar with anger, and self-righteously or judgmentally use it to protect themselves and control others. There are others who get stuck in hurt which will lead to defeating self-pity or a ‘poor me’ victim mentality. Still most of us desire to walk in love not in anger or hurt!  Yet as we live out our lives in this world, anger and hurt is part of our natural, human emotions that must be acknowledged and looked at, to be able to overcome them.  In the Psalms, King David processed and released his emotions by feeling his anger or hurt, while talking to God about what was overwhelming his heart.  The Bible teaches; go to God…acknowledge …feel … let go. This same processing method works today and will keep us from letting our anger or hurt escalate day after day. When we choose to hold on to anger or hurt, it becomes a crippling indulgence that will defeat us in life. Holding on to anger gives Satan an opening to deceive us while holding us captive in our wounds. Living in the wounds of anger or hurt blinds us spiritually, cripples us emotionally, and yes, makes us physically sick. Because of God’s love, Jesus died for our human shortcomings, and He longs for us to put our anger or hurt onto Him. He is the One who has the power and desire to take our anger and hurt- replacing it with His love, peace, joy and rest. Learning to let of anger and hurt is an on-going process that we must learn to come to terms with and work out through our life’s journey.  Releasing anger and hurt will change our heart… making room for His spirit to enlighten and lift us up. The Lord knows we cannot overcome these powerful issues without His help and He wants to help free us spiritually, emotionally, and physically from the devastating effects of holding onto anger and hurt.


“Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil” (Ephesians 4: 26-27).

David’s prayer expressing hurt-“ I sink in deep mire, where there is not foothold; I have come into deep waters, where the floods overwhelm me. I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched; my eyes fail with waiting for my God” (Psalm 69:2-3).


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