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Fret Not!


“Cease from anger and forsake wrath; fret not yourself-it tends only to evildoing.” (Psalm 37:8).


The dictionary proclaims that fretting is “an irritated state of mind or expression of annoyance; vexation; discontent or the like.” In our fallen world we often find ourselves easily pulled into fretting, especially as we look around at all the injustices, violence, and chaos among families, religious organizations, politics, etc. that are prevalent in our society today.  On a more personal level, we sometimes feel agitated about the kids, our partner, a relative, a co-worker, a friend, or an enemy. When we fret about people, we negatively go on and on about what they say, do, or don’t do. As we continue fretting, our irritation escalates, and we often speak or act out hurtful, damaging, angry words that can never be taken back.  But before our offended hearts react negatively off our fear, anger, or hurt; let’s look at what the wisdom of God’s Word directs us to do in times like these.


 The Bible tells us to stay away from anger, revenge, and envy, for it will only lead us into believing and walking in a lie.  When we fret, the Logos tells us, it will lead in the wrong direction, away from a solution, and will cause more discontent and evil to escalate. To avoid being pulled into fretting, we must take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, by running to the Lord for help. Then through prayer; we will talk about, feel, and put our unpleasant feelings towards others on Jesus. As we commit our way to the Lord, we must continue to roll each care of our load on Him-the load of anger, hurt, and fear. We will begin to realize that His faithful love is greater than all our weaknesses, and will powerfully transport our souls into His prevailing Light. This encounter with Jesus will enable our soul and spirit to calm down, and quiet our heart in his presence. Then, and only then, will we be able to keep hope alive, and wait for God to come through for us. When we continue to turn towards our faithful, loving God- the Great I AM-  we will learn to trust in, lean on, rely on, and put our confidence in His faithfulness that will lead us towards our destiny.


  As God’s children, we are called to be Light in the darkness-overcoming evil with good-overcoming hate with love. With the Holy Spirit’s love in our hearts, instead of fretting, we will have the power of hope, and the faith to pray without ceasing, and believe that in time, the Lord will bring His overcoming plans to pass. We must still our hearts and rest in the Lord, because He is our Refuge and the only secure Stronghold during times of trouble. Keep moving forward steadily in his ways, and he will exalt you at the right time.










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