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Grace to Let God of Anger


Many people are afraid of their own anger and don’t know quite how to handle this uncomfortable emotion. There have been times in my life that I have experienced feelings of anger, and I pray, “Lord I don’t want to be angry”. In reply, His understanding, gentle, Spirit speaks to me, “I know you don’t, but you are”. I understand the importance of what He is telling me, as He urges me to talk it out, feel it out, and release it out, and put it on Him. He does not want me to carry anger in my heart, and give Satan an opening to hurt my soul, my spirit, and my body. Jesus Christ wants me to be free!

There are some people who feel comfortable in their anger, and they use it to hide or deny fearful feelings of hurt or vulnerability. Many use anger to exert power and control over other people. But whether we feel powerful and secure in anger, or ‘numbed out’ and afraid in anger, God gives explicit instructions on how to deal with this universal, human dilemma.

Anger, is a normal human reaction when life feels wrong, or we experience loss, injustice, pressure, etc. It’s the way we handle or don’t handle it that makes it a positive or negative force. The Biblical directive does not say “don’t get angry” but “when angry, do not sin.” So the question is: how can we get angry and not sin?

It is vital that we understand that Christ’s open arms on the cross, invite us to put our anger on Him. He alone is our Savior and wants to take and carry away the destructive power of holding on to anger day after day. We must allow the Holy Spirit to teach us how to release our angry feelings and let God have them. Some people feel comfortable releasing their anger by feeling it during prayer, just as King David did throughout the Psalms. Many have gotten in touch with and released anger by using art, writing journals, or various types of therapy. The Lord is very creative, and will meet each person at their point of need. Some need a counselor, loving Pastor, or a caring friend, to help them navigate through the settled layers of anger in their heart caused from past loss and abuse.

Over the years, I have spoken with many, who have been horribly abused as children, and their anger towards their abuser is legitimate and tremendous. It is not bad to have angry feelings towards your abuser- it is normal. It will take time for this kind of anger, which is layered in memories of the heart and mind to unravel and be released, in order to experience God’s grace and freedom to forgive and let go of the abuser.  Staying stuck in the anger will not hurt the abuser, but it will keep the abused from stepping forward into a deeper level of healing that Christ longs for his hurting, beloved children to walk in. When you have been deeply hurt and you’re angry, the important factor is that you keep returning to the loving Heavenly Father when angry feelings are triggered. Do not beat yourself up, or feel guilty about your surfacing anger! Just keep returning to Jesus to release the feeling. God understands, and He takes pleasure in helping those who have been hurt and abused. As you continue to do the anger work, you will discover the gift of grace and power to forgive!

The imperative directive is this: do not keep holding on to your anger day after day! When we do, it keeps us from finding the freedom Christ longs to give. This negative opening will eventually create devastation in our personal, spiritual, emotional, and physical health. When we choose to hang on to anger, we will become bitter, cynical, and depressed. Then we will miss the experience of walking in the kingdom of love, joy, and peace that God longs for us to discover.

Surely all of us have allowed many suns to go down on our wrath, and it may take many suns to work it all out, but the important issue here is that we keep turning back to Jesus, and not get weary with the spiritual and emotional work of letting go of the anger. Releasing hurt and anger onto Jesus is a process that brings healing to the wounded heart. Through this process we will discover that as we pour out, Jesus will pour in His spiritual healing grace. Layer by layer we will be able to put the anger down, forgive, and be set free from the enemy’s foundation of sinking sand. Then we will be able to know and experience God’s foundation of love that Jesus the Rock of our salvation and healer of our souls will bestow on our individual lives.

“When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath [your exasperation, your fury or indignation] last until the sun goes down. Leave no [such] room or foothold for the devil [give not opportunity to him]” (Ephesians 4:26-27).



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