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In the Day of Trouble

in time of trouble

We have all experienced days or seasons of trouble and difficulty. During these times we usually feel the need to lean on God. Often our problems and concerns become the catalyst that motivates us to surrender more of our power to God, as we desire Him to be totally involved in every area of our daily lives. Because God loves us enormously, He is pleased when we want and need to give Him a place in the ongoing process of our lives-including times of trouble. He yearns to work out, solve, and be a part of the solution we need to continue stepping forward spiritually, and emotionally.

Not only does the Lord want to respond to us, but He also wants to “set you up on high” and “defend you”. This means that He wants us to experience a “lifting up” in our soul and spirit when we encounter Him during prayer. As He replaces our heavy, troubled, burdened hearts with His compassionate understanding, faithful love, a peace that passes understanding, and a joy unspeakable and full of His revelation glory, our trust in Him will grow and in time we will bring forth spiritual fruit for His glory. When we are able to trust and rely on the Lord to look after our problems, to protect us from the enemy, and be our emotional support- we will discover that King Yahweh has prepared a rest for the children of God to reside in, as we learn to walk in God’s Spiritual Kingdom realm, while living on planet earth.

“May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob set you up on high [and defend you]” (Psalm20:1).

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