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Letting Go of Anger

sun on wrath

Sometimes we know we are angry, and at other times we are not able or we are unwilling to recognize and own the anger in our hearts. We may have developed a fear of anger during childhood because we observed someone acting out anger inappropriately, and we absolutely do not want to behave like them. Or we could have the false belief that the emotion of anger is totally bad, so we push it down, and deceive ourselves into denying that we are angry. Anger is a normal human emotion that tells us that something is not right. The Bible teaches us when we do get angry that the anger must be appropriately dealt with for us to stay physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.  Holding on to anger day after day is detrimental to our whole being, and will keep us from spiritually and emotionally having eyes to see, ears to hear, and a spiritual mind that can understand the Truth that the Holy Spirit wants to gift us with. Holding on to anger will harden our heart, and entrap us in bondage, while the enemy steals the freedom that God’s expensive purchase paid for with tears of blood.  Father God and our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One longs for us to be free…free to choose… free to never be enslaved to anything… free to love…free to forgive… to be joyful while we live a life of service to Him and one another.   Unprocessed anger will gradually take us captive to a prison of resentment, bitterness, and depression.  God has given us a way out of this prison, and Jesus holds the keys to set us free! He doesn’t want us to carry it…He wants to take it on Himself.

Many years ago, in the beginning of my healing journey, it was not easy for me to recognize or feel my anger. For the first time in my adult Christian life, I was depressed. This was unusual for me, as I am usually a positive, upbeat soul. I lay on the sofa week after week, wanting to quit everything, including the ministry! Again and again, the Lord would attempt to speak to my heart-and I would just pull away. Even though I was too depressed to respond to His love, He kept coming back, calling to my heart.

Then one morning the Lord’s Spirit said, “Deborah, you are mad at me about seemingly not answering your prayers about one of the children?” Now that got my attention! I argued back, in a sweet voice, “No, I’m not!”

To my surprise, He was not offended with my response at all. His desire was to bring me out of depression and hopelessness, so I could again step forward in the plans He had for my life. He told me my depression was the result of holding on to unprocessed anger. Jesus had died for this anger, but I still carried it in my heart. He told me I must feel the anger to let it go and then put it on Him to be free. This frightened me. I did not want to feel mad at God, but I was desperate for help. I knew I had to choose to walk past my fears and to be real with Him and myself.

I went to the bathroom and locked the door, hoping no one could hear my anger pouring out. At first I timidly told God why I was mad. I was not feeling it until His Holy Spirit ask, “Is that as mad as you can get?” Needless to say, that did the job, and I poured out my angry heart on Him, telling Him why I was so mad, stomping my feet, and feeling the angry emotions.

After this experience with God, my depression began to lift, and I came out of the dark place and back to the place of light. This was the beginning of learning how to recognize, own, and feel my anger -then put it on my Savior. Many years have passed since this encounter with God, which taught me this new way of praying and continuously keeps me from getting caught in the consequences of holding on to anger.


“When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath [your exasperation, your fury, your indignation] last until the sun goes down” (Ephesians 4:26).

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