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Looking at the Heart

the Lord looks at the heart
The outward appearance of our lives is often different from what’s really going on inwardly. Our ego works very hard to make the external look good in hopes of convincing ourselves and others that we are ok, and all is well in our lives. When our main focus is on how people perceive us outwardly, instead of looking within and examining the purity of our motives, it is easy to fall into hypocrisy and superficiality, while projecting onto others our judgments and control to cover up our own shortcomings and fears. The word of God tells us, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. Becoming pure of heart requires a continuous life time walk with God, as we courageously look within and allow the Spirit of God to give us the ability to recognize patterns in our lives that need His transforming love, and the power to change. Because we spend so much of our energy considering outward conditions, we often get caught up in doing and producing, and matters of the heart that would ultimately lead us into the Kingdom of ‘ Being in His presence’ and walking in the pureness of His Spirit escapes us . We all have patterns and wounds of the heart received while living on fallen planet earth. God longs to unravel and heal our negative behavior patterns and wounds- creating the power of Oneness with Him, and a purity of heart and mind within us. But when we think of God looking at our hearts, we may possibly feel frightened, because we believe God is going to see something wrong in us. We all fall short, but because of Jesus Christ sacrifice on the cross, God unconditionally accepts, loves and brings us into harmony with Him, and He wants to show us how to walk in this love, not walk in condemnation of ourselves or others. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”, and receiving truth from God will bring healing into our hearts. As we begin to discover and believe God’s truth, we will be able to move toward looking within and not blindly acting off the enemy’s ability to use self-hate, guilt, shame, anger, hurt, or fear to defeat our life of faith. The Lord is concerned about our hearts, and wants to help us look inside and not be afraid to be real with Him or ourselves. Our hearts are the place where spiritual closeness (being) will blossom and ultimately bring loving fulfillment, purity, mercy, purpose, direction, and stability to both our inside and outside lives- our inner man and outer man will become the same- transformed by His power!
“For the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” ( 1Samuel 16:7b).

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