Overcoming in Spite of Fear

“What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee” (Psalm56:3).

Most of us thrive when our circumstances feel familiar and it seems as if things in our lives at least under partial control. But when we experience unexpected challenges in health, family, finances, job security, etc., that tests our raw faith; we often become afraid and feel crippled in our ability to roll our cares onto God. In spite of our best efforts to let go of tormenting fear, the overpowering feelings of fear seem to partially overthrow our faith, and we question if God really cares our predicament, or will be faithful as we journey through these trying times. However, the Son of Man experienced struggles on this earth, and totally understands the weakness of our condition. He is willing and able to lead us down the path that will give us the ability to prevail over fear. The prerequisite for taking our first step on this path is to become like a child and hold tight to the hand of our “Good Father”. He is a kind “Abba- Papa” and will not let go or leave any of His precious, fearful children. Then, as we continue to hold Jesus hand, and slowly move forward in spite of feeling afraid, our good Father will give us the courage to remain on the path of faith with Him. He will hold our hand and stay with us through whatever we are walking through- He will not leave us, no never! Next, we will come to a place on the path where we realize that we must try to talk to Him about our heart’s fears, and then we must make the choice to try to trust Him and His word, just a little bit! He understands the in-depth reasons we are so afraid- He has loving compassion towards us- He longs to bring us to a place where we can trust in His timing, wisdom, and love- even if it is little trust. He wants to help us when we cannot help ourselves. So let’s look to Him, and hold on to His hand like a child holds a loving parents hand.  His favor and grace will help us step forward and trust Him just a little- then trust will replace the fear- gradually trust will blossom into faith- then faith in a loving God will be the victory that will overcome our fear! We will be able to step spiritually forward, towards the good plans God has prepared for us!



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