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Positive Complaining

The human race seems to be plagued with complaining. Have you ever noticed that it seems easier to focus on or point out what is wrong, instead of what is right? We complain about our circumstances, family, friends, and enemies. We grumble about the economy, politics, churches, and jobs. Often we get pulled into being judgmental, critical, and negative, because of our pride, unprocessed inner anger, or fears. Being judgmental and angry go hand-in-hand, producing a negative cycle that will continue on and on, and create defeat in all areas of our lives.

However, when we take our hearts full of complaining to the Lord, in order to release and re-focus on God’s positive truth, quite the reverse will happen. As we relate and communicate our complaints to Christ through prayer; our problems, worries, concerns, and inner strife can be released and transferred to God’s loving, merciful, open, outstretched arms- making the weight of our negativity, and the burdens we carry feel lighter. Step-by-step, we begin to look to Jesus as our place of safety, a place where we can settle some of our tormenting fears. Then He gives us his unmerited grace-the ability to step into a new, positive, optimistic cycle- undoing the cycle of negativity-creating a new pattern and attitude that will keep us stepping forward, as we live in this broken world. When we go to Jesus Christ with our complaints the purpose is to release, not just complain. In other words, Jesus is the means to end our complaining cycle of negativity. We release the negative, He give us His positive replacing Truth and power to step forward into the destiny He has ordained for our lives.

Only God can bring our lives out of the prison of negativity into the freedom of positive confession, praise, and a hopeful, thankful spirit. It is ironic that complaining to God can be used to help us let go of the negative and move forward to the positive. Because Jesus overcame the negativity and power of this fallen world, we have been given the power and ability to do the same.

“God I’m crying out to you! I lift up my voice boldly to beg for your mercy! I pour out my complaint before Him; I spill out my heart to you, and tell you all my troubles. For when I was desperate, overwhelmed, and about to give up, You were the only One there to help. Bring me out of this dungeon so I can declare your praise! And all your godly lovers will celebrate all the wonderful thing you’ve done for me!” Psalm 142

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