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Pour Out Your Heart through Prayer


Join me, everyone! Trust only in God every moment! Tell him all your troubles and Pour out your heart-longings to him. Believe me when I tell you-he will help you! Psalm 62:8 tPt

Have you ever tried to pour water into a glass that is already full? If so, then you know what happens: the water spills over the sides. The glass cannot contain the new water because it is full! So it is with our hearts. God desires to pour His gracious love, peace, joy, hope, faith, courage and strength into our hearts, but they are full. They are full to the brim with past and present worries, fears, disappointments, hurts, and frustrations that circumstances seem to create.  The negative emotions that fill our hearts and souls leave no place for our loving Lord to lavish upon us the gifts of the Spirit which He greatly desires to give, and what we desperately need to keep moving forward spiritually.  Did you ever notice how King David poured out his heart through prayer in the Psalms? Many times, his heart would be filled with defeat, hurt, anger, and fear. Yet, because of his belief and relationship with the loving Jehovah God, he felt he could express what was truly in his heart (good, bad, and ugly) without being afraid that God would reject him. He was secure in his relationship with God, and was able to pour out his soul’s negative emotions, by expressing his words and feelings to his Lord. So how do we pour out the negative in our heart’s to make room for heart healing, spiritual growth, and a greater capacity for abiding as One with the Spirit?  How do we pour out the darkness to make room for the Light? Just like David, we begin by praying, and getting in touch with what is really layered in our hearts. As we utter, vent, and air out our dirty laundry to our loving Lord Jesus; we must allow ourselves to feel the emotions attached to our words- releasing and letting go of our soul’s negative emotions.  As this way of praying becomes more familiar, we will gradually become like David, and experience the Great I AM replacing the negative in our hearts with the healing ointment of praise and worship; making room  for His love, peace, joy, hope, faith, and strength to be experienced in our daily lives. Remember, God is the place of safety to run to when our hearts feel overwhelmed; Help is just a prayer away, and in His presence our inner and outer lives will be transformed!


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