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Press On!


When our faith in Jesus Christ is thriving, and the Holy Spirit is pouring his amazing love, powerful joy, and the peace that passes understanding into our hearts, and we feel it in our soul-LIFE IS GOOD! Our spiritual minds and hearts are renewed and we find ourselves walking, knowing, and experiencing Jesus Christ in the power of His resurrection- His glory is revealed to us and in us- and nothing this world offers even comes close to the pleasure and joy He gives.

On the other hand, when we are going through challenging times in our circumstances, and we are struggling to keep stepping forward in our walk of faith- not feeling it-LIFE CAN BE A STRUGGLE. At this point of struggle, we must decide what is going to rule our walk- faith or feelings? If we decide to choose faith that doesn’t mean the struggle with our feelings is over, but it does mean we are pressing forward in the right direction.

My dear fellow believer in Jesus Christ, you have a calling on your life, and a destiny to grow into and a future to discover. As Paul said, “My passion is to be consumed with him and not clinging to my own “righteousness”, based in keeping the written Law. My “righteousness” will be his, based on the faithfulness of Jesus Christ-the very righteousness that comes from God. And I continually long to know the wonders’ of Jesus more fully and to experience the overflowing power of his resurrection working in me. I will also be one with him in his sufferings”. In other words Paul said that the suffering he would experience in this life is not in vain, but would be used to supernaturally transform him into oneness of spirit with Jesus Christ. During the hard times Paul chose to press on, that does not mean he did not struggle, but he kept pressing forward to Jesus, and the faithful Lord would come close – transforming him to a larger spiritual place.

Paul said, “I press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward. So let those [of us] who are spiritually mature and full-grown have this mind and hold these convictions: and if in any respect you have a different attitude of mind. God will make that clear to you also. Only let us HOLD TRUE to what we have already attained and walk and order our lives by that.”(Philippians4:14-15).

So when we go through a time of struggle in our faith- let us hold true to what God has revealed to us through the Holy Spirit, and in the Word of God- don’t turn back- don’t keep walking in unbeneficial circles, and patterns-PRESS ON- Then we will discover that having a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, in times of believing faith, and in times of struggle is the transforming power that will fulfill and accomplish the high calling God has placed on our lives.


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