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Release the Weight of your Burden


King David had an honest, open, and real relationship with God, which gave him the freedom to feel and express his heart. When he would release through prayer his anger, hurt, fear, or hopelessness, sooner or later he would always end up praising, trusting, and believing his heavenly Father, even when his circumstances did not quickly change. David cast the negative on the Lord, and the Lord assisted, helped and supported him.

Many times we cast our burden on the Lord-we take it back-we cast our burden on the Lord-we take it back. All of us have experienced being worried, talking it out with the Lord, releasing it onto Him, only to snatch it back when fear overtakes or circumstances go sour.  This is a hard place to be, when our faith is tested, and we again pick up our burdens and struggle with our cares. At this point, we may be getting weary of going back to God to talk it out, but He is not weary with us, and longs for us to return to Him, so He can help us find a place of rest and stability.  We have to choose to keep casting our burdens on Him, so HE can take them, carry them and help us grow in faith.  God wants to carry our burdens!

What are you carrying today that you need to release and put on Jesus through talking it out through prayer; like King David did in the Psalms? Your Mighty God will take your burdens and cares, as you are able to release them little bit, by little bit, into your Heavenly Father’s keeping.

“Cast your burden on the Lord [releasing the weight of it] and He will sustain you”(Psalm 55:22a).

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