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Seasons of Forgiveness

forgiveness power

“Forgive us the wrongs we have done as we ourselves release forgiveness to those who have wronged us” (Matthew 6:12 tPt).

When teaching His disciples how to pray, Jesus pointed out the importance of working through seasons of forgiveness. The importance of practicing forgiving those who have wronged us is essential for our spiritual and emotional well-being, and demands a high place of priority in each of our lives. Many times we carry un-forgiveness from the past into the present because we are not in touch with what is in our layered hearts. Sometime it is hard to forgive others for past or present offences, even when we want to, because the emotions of hurt or anger are just too raw to put down. During these times, we must recognize it is time to enter into a season of forgiveness. The season of forgiveness begins as we begin, the “forgiveness process” of unraveling our thoughts and feelings, in order to let go and release our inner hurt and anger.  However long the season last, we must pursue and practice this process, until we find the freedom in our hearts to forgive and release our offenders.  Forgiveness will produce serenity in our hearts! At other times forgiveness is simpler, because we do not get pulled into holding onto and nursing our wounds day after day.  Forgiveness is a vital necessity for us to continue on in the quest of growing spiritually [knowing God] and learning to pray effectively.  Because Jesus has forgiven our past, present and future shortcomings, we will go forth with the desire to forgive others their failings and shortcomings.  It is only because of His grace, Spirit of Love, and forgiveness towards us that we will courageously choose to walk through seasons of forgiveness. Forgiving others makes more room for Jesus to pour Light into our hearts, and souls.  Then we will learn to live in the present not the past, and daily walk in His Kingdom of Light and Love.


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