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Take Your Hurt and Sadness to Jesus


God created tears as an integral part of healing the heart’s sadness that is a result of loss. When Jesus saw Mary and Martha crying over their brother’s death, He wept. That is, Jesus felt and helped carry their pain when He cried with them-releasing the heavy burden of their temporary loss.  When we experience loss it wounds our hearts; the emotional components of hurt and anger, like a hand and glove, are layered in the wound. Just like a physical wound must be opened to let the infection out before it can heal- it is the same with the wounds of the heart.  So, how do we open our heart to let the hurt out?  It is simple, but anxious feelings tempt us to shut down and not look at the hurt or feel the loss in order to be free enough to release this painful energy. God has given us tears to help us cry out and release this hurtful pain.  Now this sounds easy, but working out emotional hurt takes courage! In the middle of releasing our hurt, it is sometimes hard to believe that feeling the hurt, and releasing it by crying with the Lord, will bring us to a better emotional and spiritual place.  But it will, because God is involved. He will carry and take the hurt and replace it with His healing ointment of grace, the balm of Gilead, which is the one true treatment that never fails to heal our emotional and spiritual wounds. Don’t’ get stuck in sadness,  If you are struggling with hurt today, our loving Lord Jesus is waiting for you to pour your tears and pain onto  His outstretched arms, as He transforms, heals, renews, revives, and reawakens your heart, soul, and mind.

“My tears have been my food day and night, while men say to me all day long, “Where is your God?” (Psalm 42:3).

“Jesus wept” (John 11:35).

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