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The Greatest Power

love power

There is no power –whether evil or good- that is greater than the power of love. God tells His children to have deep, strong, consistent, abiding, and enduring love toward one another.  Since God’s true love lives in our hearts through the Holy Spirit, we are given the supernatural capability to triumph over anything that comes against us to tear down and strip love from our lives.  When we are offended by others, love gives us the energy and motivation to work though and process our hurt, pain and anger- which will then allow us the liberty to forgive our offenders. When we have been greatly offended, it will take time to work through the emotions attached to the offense. But it essential that we keep returning to Jesus(praying) until we get it worked out, and are able to let go of the offender.   Without forgiveness, our hearts will remain trapped in Satan’s web of bitterness, pride, and self-pity.  Then Satan, the thief, will steal our humility, joy, and freedom to love, which are three gifts that God longs for His children to walk in while on this earth.

God is love, and a heart full of unconditional love is not critical, judgmental or condemnatory. On the contrary it forgives, understands, disregards, and overlooks the offenses of others.  If we are full of negative judgments, criticism and condemnation toward others, we are not full of God’s love.   As we learn to work toward forgiving our offenders and yield to God’s control of our hearts, love will grow. This will bring us to a place of spiritual freedom and enlightenment, where unconditional love will regulate our speech and control our actions toward our friends- and toward our enemies.

“Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins [forgives and disregards the offenses of others]”(1Peter4:8).

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