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The Need for Balance In Our Lives

In the physical realm, if our diet consists of too many fats, carbohydrates, sweets, etc., and not enough vegetables, water or protein, etc., sooner or later we will experience sickness as a result of imbalance. Next, emotional balance is essential to living an abundant life. Few of us learn how to love ourselves and express our inner emotions-sadness, gladness, anger, and fear- in a healthy manner. Our out-of-balance emotions either pour out uncontrollably on everyone, or they are shut down and stuffed deep inside. If we don’t allow ourselves to learn to feel the hard things that we push down; we will not be able to learn to feel the good things either….just numb. Also, we must balance our work and play, because too much work will create stress, and too much play will keep us from accomplishing the desires that the Lord has put in our hearts.  We must learn to lighten up sometimes- remember the Bible says that laughter is like medicine for our souls! These out of balance, emotional extremes are unhealthy for us and will greatly affect how we relate to others. Then spiritually, it is crucial that we find balance through our relationship with Jesus, the loving Lord. Through the ages, the Devil has deceived many people by presenting God as something He isn’t. One religious group sees God as judgmental, mean spirited, and ready to send all to hell. Some religious groups cling to various creeds, rules, and regulations to obtain acceptance by God. Although there is usually a minute amount of truth in many of these religious teachings – they are out of balance. In many churches a whole legalistic religion is built upon and focuses on, one or two Bible verses, taken out of context. The Enemy uses this to keep many from experiencing the love, forgiveness freedom, healing, peace, joy, hope, and purpose that is offered to all who will call on Jesus name. When we recognize that being out-of-balance creates openings for Satan to negatively affect us and others, we must choose to look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our salvation! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, He will facilitate a work of balance in our hearts and minds based on the Logos or Living Word of God. Step-by-step, as we continue to truly seek Him, we will find God’s direction that will bring healing, and create stability in our lives- enabling us to overcome the Enemy and triumph through Christ while living in this world.

“Be well balanced and always alert, because your enemy, the devil, roams around incessantly, like a roaring lion looking for its prey to devour” (1Peter 5: 8).

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