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The Power of Spiritual Renewal


Because it is easy to get pulled into, and walk in the chaos and cares of this world, Jesus calls us to come close, so our mental and spiritual attitude can be refreshed in the Holy Spirit. If our focus is on chaos- our soul will be pulled out of the peace Jesus offers, as confusion, fear, and doubt negatively influence our lives. When our focus is on Jesus’ ability to help us move forward spiritually; we will understand the necessity of taking the time to be still and  spiritually renew our hearts and minds through prayer and partaking of God’s word- then the fruit of our lives will reflect Him.  God’s Spirit has the power to refresh, replenish, and renew our spiritual and mental attitudes. Giving God the time and opportunity to renew the “spirit of our mind” by His Word, grace, love, and truth, will give us the spiritual eyes and wisdom we need to see and step forward through the present course we are walking on. When our spirit revives because of a continuous, renewed connection with God’s Spirit, our mind’s negative thoughts will change from doubt, weariness, fear, and unbelief to positive trust, faith, power, love, and joy. Spiritual renewal will transform our thoughts to align with the very essence of who God has created us to become.


“And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude]”(Ephesians 4:23).

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