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Tossed on the Waves of Fear and Doubt

good love

Like the arrival of a sudden storm at sea, we will all experience times of unexpected difficulty and trouble in our lives. Whatever the problem may be, we as God’s children, who are at all different levels of spiritual maturity, usually exert great effort to trust in God’s faithfulness to see us through the struggle. But because there are unhealed wounds in all of our hearts caused from living in a dysfunctional, fallen world, we are vulnerable to the Enemy’s attack, and Satan uses his biggest weapons of fear and doubt to set up unbelief in our hearts and minds, during trying times.

While we ride out the storm, the waves of fear and doubt pound against our belief system as we struggle to stay afloat, and hang on. Like the undertow that attempts to pull us down to the bottom of the ocean, our fearful minds and hearts pull us down into anxiety, worry, and fretting, as we try to figure out how to get to safety. Then the rip currents of anger drive us further out into the ocean as we thrash about in frustration and confusion, not knowing which way to turn. Then in this struggling state we desperately turn back to our big God and cry out, “Help me, O Lord my God,” because we know that His nature is merciful and His loving-kindness is bigger than all our fears. In other words, the power of His love is larger and bigger than all our fears. Now that is big love!  His love gives us a place of safety to work through our negative feelings, grow in faith, and find rest and peace-even in the midst of the mess. “Oh Yahweh-God, make yourself real to me like you promised me you would in this trying time! Because of your constant love and your heart melting kindness, come be my Hero and deliver me! I’m so broken, needy and hurting. My heart is pierced through and I’m so wounded. My true Hero come to my rescue and save me”.

Because of His loving kindness, mercy, and amazing grace, He hears our cries, and we will be able to believe and profess: “I may be in the midst of many problems, but it’s not over yet.  I believe that God will see me through the storms and bring me to a better place. I believe Jesus has won my victory! Thank you, Lord, for so great a salvation! Thank you, Lord, that you stand right next to me when I’m broken, you are my saving Hero. Thank you for embracing my heart and hand, while calming me, supporting me, and lifting me up during my time of need!”

“For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded and stricken within me. I toss up and down and am shaken off as the locust. Help me, O Lord my God: O save me according to Your mercy and loving-kindness! (Psalm 109: 22-23b, 26).

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