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True Worship

worship the Lord in holiness

“O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” Psalm 96:9

Many times, when religious people hear the word holiness, they relate it to man’s outward appearance. But true holiness is not about what you do outwardly that will make you holy; true holiness is a condition of the heart and soul. Holiness means to be separated or set apart for God’s service. Those who are holy have first heard and surrendered to the Savior’s call, and yielded to the power of the Holy Spirit to prepare them for a life of service. We are called to humbly serve the Lord, even if it is simply giving a cup of cold water to a child.  The scripture states, “Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord”. We are set apart for the Lord and infused with His Spirit, to be used in whatever capacity He chooses.

In this beautiful state of holiness, the Lord is pleased with our hearts expression of love, adoration, and worship towards Him. Our hearts and minds are focused on Him, as we adore His majesty and beauty. In this state of praise and worship we speak words of inner love, praise, and adoration. Sometimes worship takes place within our hearts and our mouths are quiet. At other times we may sing unto the Lord, and shout with the voice of triumph.  It is not the outward form that matters- it is the state of the heart and mind! There are various types of praise and worship, and each of God’s children will discover and evolve into different levels and diverse types of worship, as we spiritually grow-up.

Praise and worship is not only pleasing to our God, it also lifts up the worshipper. As we worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, our spirit and God’ Spirit connect into oneness, as we are lifted up to a higher spiritual abiding place-lifting us into His peace and presence.



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