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Undefeated by Circumstances

Does it seem as if your emotions and circumstances are defeating the hopes and dreams that God has put in your heart? If so, you may feel angry, sad or just blah. But God’s love for you is faithful, unmovable, and BIG…. you can count on Him to show up when circumstances bring you to the giving up point where you feel afraid and defeated. When you are down, God longs to use the opportunity to show you who He really is; a loving, dependable, Faithful and true Father towards all His children. Even if you feel as if you are stuck in depression….He will not leave you or forsake you- no never! When you feel down it can be hard to trust in God’s timing to bring you to a better place, because these familiar feelings are often filled with fear or anger from the past that you may not realize you have pushed down in your heart. Nonetheless, it is important that you talk to Him (pray), because His ear is open to your words, and His heart is open to your feelings. If you are in the place where you have no hope, and cannot pray, talk with someone who will listen, care, and pray for you. As the body of Christ, we must discover creative ways to encourage each other, as we urge each other onward in the faith. God always keeps his promises, and Jesus will restore life to you, because He is the Light that pushes back the darkness. When you believe in Jesus Christ, He gives you His Holy Spirit to live within; His Spirit will gradually transform your mind and heart on the journey of becoming one with Christ. The Holy Spirit will help and teach you how to get past your hopelessness and defeat, and keep you moving forward to a place where you will again experience hope for tomorrow, safety, and a peace that passes understanding! It is God’s will to help you rise above your circumstances and shine, as the love and glory of the Lord rest upon you!
“Arise [from the depression, and prostration in which circumstances have kept you-rise to a new life]! Shine [be radiant with the glory of the Lord], for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!” (Isaiah 60:1).

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