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Value in Sadness

“Sorrow is better than laughter, for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better and gains gladness” (Ecclesiastes 7:3).

“Happily ever after” is the motto that our “natural man” desires to follow. We are afraid of unhappiness, as if something is wrong with us if we are not happy all the time. We are unable to appreciate that sadness is required as much as happiness in our pursuit of emotional and spiritual growth.

Feeling happy and having peace and rest in our hearts can be two totally different states. There is nothing wrong with being happy, but happiness seems to depend more on our circumstances, and our circumstances are always changing. But being at peace is a heart condition that Jesus gives us to abide in, as we trust God to help us through our circumstances and work out our sadness.

A while back, my dog Ginger passed away of natural causes, she was 16 people years old, quite an elderly girl. She was part of our family and I felt sad and I grieved the loss of my “doggie girlfriend”.  I cried, felt sad, and missed her company. I pondered over many of the fond memories we experienced together over the years, and I believe I will see her again in heaven! But the sadness I experienced helped me move through the grief, and now helps me appreciate the blessing of Ginger’s life, her loyalty, and the love she unselfishly gave to all- now my sadness has left and my gratitude for her life increases. If I had not worked through my sadness, I would not be experiencing this peace and rest in my heart and mind.

There are many types of loss in this world, and feelings of sadness can be difficult to bear, especially if we are afraid of getting stuck and becoming down hearted. God does not desire us to stay in sadness, but longs for us to run to Jesus- He will help us work out areas in our hearts that need to be grieved, considered, examined, and released. Then sadness will lose its power to control our on-going lives! Again, Jesus calls… come to me with your sadness…. your tears are valuable to me…. I will cry with you….I understand and will take your pain…. I will replace your sadness with My joy! Jesus is the God of the NOW, and it is His design to connect with us-NOW- in our sadness and help us let go of the hurt, so we can cultivate His gift of true peace, gladness and joy within our hearts and lives.


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